The only EPA Approved, Onsite Generated, SALT FREE Cleaning Solutions.
Patent Protected Salt-Free
Why Salt-Free Electrolyzed Water?

We all seek a healthier life and an environment free from toxic substances and carcinogens. Why not replace current chemicals that harm you, your wallet and the environment and are comparatively ineffective at killing Bacteria, Virus and Superbugs with our green solutions that are considerably more powerful than bleach and demonstrably kill the most resistant pathogens within seconds? And unlike any other HOCL and Sodium Hydroxide solutions, Viking Pure's are Salt-Free thereby eliminating corrosion often caused by salt-based products!

Viking Pure Solutions are among safest and most effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions ever created. Viking Pure Solutions are also so powerful that they work in seconds, when time is of the essence, to completely eliminate all harmful pathogens while remaining Salt-Free.

Via a Patent - Protected process, Viking Pure Solutions are EPA approved as the only Salt-Free Electrolyzed Water generators, thus maximizing the efficacy of their generated solutions while removing the risk of corrosion found from competitors' solutions that contain salt within their final product.

Integrating Viking Pure Solutions with our application protocols initiates an extremely effective cost savings opportunity for your business, healthcare facility, school or any other environment where transmission of pathogens is a concern. The cost of chemicals can be burdensome and often pose health risks just in their application to workers and consumers. Moreover, given the historical persistence and escalation of superbugs, there can be no evidence to support their costs from an efficacy perspective. Viking Pure Solutions are proven to work and cost less.

Its not magic...its science. Let us show you.

Your Generated Solutions
(Hypochlorous Acid)
Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a highly potent oxidizing agent and will bind to the cell membrane of a bacteria, fungus, or virus, and destroy the membrane, thus killing the cell. Studies with HOCl have shown that it is even highly effective against resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and VRE and has been shown to be 70-80 times more effective than bleach in cleaning and sanitizing.
(Sodium Hydroxide)
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is a basic solution that acts as an extremely effective degreaser, surface and glass cleaner, carpet shampoo, vegetable wash and all around cleaning solution. Look closely and you will see that NaOH is commonly found as the only active ingredient in many of todays commercial cleaners, but PureClean offers all of the benefits of NaOH without the soapy residue for a fraction of the price.