The microbial properties of Viking PureSolutions are determined by their physical and chemical properties, such as pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and no residual salt in the final product. PureKill (HOCL) is one of the most germicidal compounds as its water-like structure, low molecular weight and electronic neutrality can easily diffuse through the bacterial cell wall into the cytoplasm; causing cell lysis (explosion.) 

Implementation of the Viking PureSolutions 2 step cleaning process will drastically decrease the environmental bio burden currently encountered in many of today's veterinary clinics. PureKill (HOCL) has been studied for effectiveness in a veterinary applicaiton and those trails can be downloaded from the Viking PureSolutions webpage. 

The first article was published in the "Journal of Veterinary Medicine" and evaluated the Anti-Microbial Activity of Electrolyzed Oxidating Water against Microorganisms relevant in Veterinary Medicine. A table of the "kill times" can be seen right here, but even at very low concentrations of HOCL (as low as 10ppm) it was still extremely biocide/fungacide. 

Viking PureSolutions generates PureKill (HOCL) at concentrations of 190ppm. Thus killing all surface bacteria, fungus, mold and virus, within 30 seconds of contact. There is also ZERO SALT residue in the Viking PureSolutions final product, thus eliminating concerns of corrosion to the applied environement. 

No harm to the animals, only their germs.