Commercial Properties

*Viking Pure Solutions should only be used on surfaces that have been identified to be at risk for disease transmission or where required by regulation.

Keep your tenants happy, facilites clean, and margins robust by implementing Viking Pure Solutions ON-SITE generation into your commercial properties.

Viking PureSolutions offers a variety of different electrolyzed water generators ideal for several different size locations; but all offer first class effectiveness when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. The two solutions generated can replace the multitude of chemicals that you are currently buying for "different applications." Viking Pure Solutions PureClean (sodium hydroxide; NaOH) is an all purpose cleaner, degreaser, carpet and glass cleaner partnered with Viking PureSolutions PureSan (hypochlorous acid; HOCL) which acts as an extremely potent and effective sanitizer. PureSan has been studied for its killing efficacy and the laboratory results are available for your download from the Viking PureSolutions website.

Common cold, influenza or norovirus; Viking Pure Solutions offers the infection control that your tenets need to operate on all levels!

Viking PureSolutions electrolyzed generators are rented for a fraction of the price that you are currently buying chemicals. Call us today to learn more.