Education & Childcare

*Viking Pure Solutions should only be used on surfaces that have been identified to be at risk for disease transmission or where required by regulation.

Schools need to provide a first class educational opportunity for children. To do this, there needs to be strict cleaning and sanitation methodologies in place to keep the children (and teachers) present daily to fulfill those goals. Educational institutions today are also stricken with managing very tight budgets, and often times, general housekeeping is not an area typically considered for substantial cost savings. 

Until now. 

Viking PureSolutions can offer ON-SITE generated electrolyzed solutions that have been proven to effectively reduce a facilities bio-burden while offering a 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive solution. They are also 80 times more effective than bleach in cleaning/sanitizing!

Viking Pure Solutions 2 step approach of physically cleaning all surfaces with PureClean (sodium hydroxide; NaOH) and then following with a broad application of PureSan (hypochlorous acid; HOCL) via electrostatic spray that has been proven to effectively kill the pathogens currently plaguing your environment, when used according to directions. These include Norovirus, FLU, MRSA, and VRE. Those laboratory results are available for download from the Viking Pure Solutions website. 

Also, Viking Pure Solutions are Green Seal ™ certified, and because they are generated ON-SITE, are available for a fraction of the price you are currently paying for traditional chemicals.

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