What is Electrostatic Spray?

Never solely rely on manual surface cleaning again.

Application of the Viking Pure Solutions, via Electrostatic Spray, is the only way to accomplish 100% surface contact and disinfection without risking corrosion to the environment. The mechanism behind electrostatic spray is that involves the law of attraction between positively and negatively charged particles. As the solutions are emitted from the sprayer they are negatively charged and as they travel through the air and closer to their target, the stronger the attraction between the Viking Pure Solution and the treated surface. This means that by applying Viking Pure Solutions via electrostatic spray you are not only eliminating pathogens from all hard and soft surfaces, but those that are airborne as well!

The spray is of such a fine consistency that surfaces or fabrics will not appear or feel wet. Application of the solutions can also be achieved from 10+ feet and you can rest assured that all surface bacteria, virus, fungus or superbugs have been completely eliminated both in the air and on surfaces.

Viking Pure Solutions will provide, train your staff, and guarantee one electrostatic sprayer for each rented generator.