*Viking Pure Solutions should only be used on surfaces that have been identified to be at risk for disease transmission or where required by regulation.

It has never been more important than today to establish eco-preferrable yet effective cleaning and sanitation methodologies throughout every aspect of our daily lives. With the epidemic of antibiotic resistant bacteria prevailing in the healthcare sector, new studies are showing that bacteria and virus are capable of generating resistance to the cleaning solutions that we are currently widely using as well. 

The challenge is finding a solution that can work fast, effective and offer no risk of harm to the person applying the solution or the surface that the solution is being applied. All while being low cost. 

This is a daily battle for gym and fitness center owners. Many times the solutions that are chosen require a 10 + minute dwell time to assure effectiveness (check the labels!) These traditional chemicals are also extremely harsh if ingested or come into contact with a member, and will cause unsightly damage to expensive fitness equipment. This, all on top of being extremely financially costly to the business. 

Viking PureSolutions alleviates those concerns with ON-SITE generated solutions thus ensuring adequate inventory, are 100% NON-TOXIC to the end user and are manufactured at a fraction of the cost of buying tradtional chemicals. PureSan and PureClean too have no salt detected in their final solutions thus eliminating concerns for corrosion to your equipment. 

The most important characteristic of the Viking PureSolutions is that they work...really well and fast. 80 times more effective than bleach, in fact. Within 30 seconds of contact time, and when used according to directions, all surface bacteria and virus are completely eliminated thus mitigating risk to other gym goers. 

The studies speak for them selves. Download the attachments seen here on the Viking PureWebsite to see the effectiveness of PureSan (Hypochlorous Acid; HOCL) in eliminating bacteria such as MRSA, VRE, Ring Worm and Viruses like the FLU and NOROVIRUS. 

Call Viking PureSolutons today to learn how we can help your facility maximize cleanliness while minimizing costs!