Did you know that Viking PureSolutions are EPA approved and you can use the same solutions to clean/disinfect your produce that you use to clean your kitchen surfaces, grill, table tops and even floors?

Thats right. Studies have indicated that the 2 step application of Viking PureSoutions not only offer extraordinary benefits in environmental cleaning and elimination of all potentailly hazarduous bacteria and virus; but that those same processes can be applied in direct contact with food to offer superior cleaning and deactivation of surface bacteria prior to cooking.

It is also 80 times more POWERFUL than bleach in cleaning/sanitizing your establishments. 

Studies attached and available for download from the Viking PureSolutions webpage share the results of electrolyzed water in cleaning and disinfecting both in the kitchen and on your food. 

Specifically in looking at the effectiveness of cleaning lettuce, electrolyzed water was evaluated vs tap water. The results are amazing. The 2 step Viking PureSolution approach to cleaning produce starts with the application of PureClean (Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH) to the produce to breakdown the soils and oil based pesticides that are adhered to the vegetables exterior surface. PureKill (Hypochlorous Acid; HOCL) is then applied to kill all remaining surface bacteria prior to the vegetable being used. 

PureKill has been shown to kill the most prevelant bacteria and virus in the food industry. These include E. Coli; Listeria; and Norovirus. Viking PureSolutions effectiveness against these pathogens can also be downloaded via the webpage.