*Viking Pure Solutions should only be used on surfaces that have been identified to be at risk for disease transmission or where required by regulation.

Did you know that Viking Pure Solutions are produced via an EPA approved device and can consolodate the total amount of chemicals currently used within your location, as Viking Pure Solutions are safe and effective on all surfaces?

Thats right. Studies have indicated that the 2 step application of Viking Pure Soutions offer extraordinary benefits in environmental cleaning and elimination of all bacteria, virus, fungus and mold.

It is also 80 times more POWERFUL than bleach in cleaning/sanitizing your establishments. 

Studies attached and available for download from the Viking Pure Solutions webpage share the results of electrolyzed water in cleaning and sanitizing both in the kitchen and on your food. 

PureSan has been shown to kill the most prevalent bacteria and virus in the food industry. These include E. Coli; Listeria; and Norovirus. Viking Pure Solutions effectiveness against these pathogens can also be downloaded via the webpage.