Retirement & Assisted Living

Viking PureSolutions are broad spectrum biocides that will eliminate all bacteria, fungus, virus and spores from your facility. The solutions are all generated on-site and have been proven vs. traditional chemicals in the retirement/long-term care industries.

Your residents will rest calm and healthy as the implementation of Viking PureSolutions will assure that the overall environmental bio burden of your community will be drastically eliminated without the worry for interactions with harsh chemicals, increased costs or damage to their facility. 

Cleaning methodologies with the Viking PureSolutions is a 2 step approach. First is the physical cleaning of all hard surfaces, carpets, and even fresh produce with the PureClean solution (Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH). The second is the broad application via electrostatic spray of the PureKill solution (Hypochlorous Acid, HOCL). This 2 step approach assures surface bacteria are not left behind after traditional cleaning because the electrostatic application of PureKill will kill surface pathogens within 30 seconds. 

Trial results for Viking PureSolutions within an assisted living facility are attached. After a 4 week evaluation vs. traditional cleaning chemicals the 2 step application of Viking PureSolutions resulted in a 95% reduction in environmental biofilm vs. 72% reduction with traditional chemicals. Also, after implementation of Viking PureSolutions, the assisted living facility reduced their overall chemical count from 21 to 2 (PureKill and PureClean) and are anticipating an annual cost savings of roughly $330,000. 

Viking PureSolution have also been proven to reduce the risk of food borne illness through the application of the same 2 step approach as mentioned above, when applied to the kitchen as well as DIRECTLY TO THE FOOD. See attached for the results, but when comparing the effectiveness of washing lettuce with normal water vs. the 2 step application of Viking PureSolutons, the difference is drastically in favor of using electrolyzed solutions. 

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